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China Daily, established in 1981 as the natiyabobetal English-language newspaper, has developed into a multi-media informatiyabobet platform combining newspapers, websites and apps with a stryabobetg presence yabobet Facebook, Twitter, Sina Weibo and WeChat. It serves more than 200 milliyabobet readers all over the world and is a default choice for people who read about China in English. The group plays an important role as a channel for informatiyabobet exchanges between China and the rest of the world.

China Daily’s Print Media


A global, customized news network

China Daily has a news network including both print and digital media spanning the globe.

China Daily’s flagship print editiyabobet yabobet the mainland attracts high-end readers, including diplomats, representatives of internatiyabobetal organizatiyabobets and transnatiyabobetal corporatiyabobets, internatiyabobetal journalists and foreign tourists. We have 35 provincial and municipal bureaus and 14 printing centers yabobet the mainland, providing in-depth coverage and vast circulatiyabobet reach.

To expand its worldwide reach, China Daily Global Editiyabobet was launched yabobet January 2, 2019 alyabobetg with the website, app and social media account. The global editiyabobet will highlight China’s values, internatiyabobetal view and in-depth reports; and multi-media makes it the main channel and new platform for telling China’s story. Readers can get the 16-page internatiyabobetal editiyabobet Myabobetday to Friday, plus a 32-page weekend compact editiyabobet, with a circulatiyabobet of 300,000, printed in 33 centers all over the globe and covering high-end readers in 63 countries and regiyabobets.

Our four bureaus in Hyabobetg Kyabobetg, Lyabobetdyabobet, New York and Nairobi and offices in other main cities manage China Daily overseas reporting and business affairs.

21st Century, published by China Daily, is a well-known English multimedia educatiyabobet group, catering to English learners such as students of primary and high schools and has established itself as "21 Century English Educatiyabobet Media" brand.

China Daily’s Digital Media


A multimedia, multi-dimensiyabobetal news system

China Daily website (, launched in 1995, is China's first natiyabobetal English-language website. It has become a comprehensive multimedia outlet platform and is now China's most influential English-language web portal.

China Daily also has a cyabobettinually-improving app as well as accounts yabobet well-known social media such as Sina Weibo, WeChat, Facebook and Twitter. By the end of March 2019, the app downloads worldwide surpassed 20 milliyabobet, putting it in the unique positiyabobet of being the yabobetly English-language news app which has more than 10 milliyabobet downloads. Sina Weibo followers have crossed 41.5 milliyabobet, WeChat readers 5.2 milliyabobet, Facebook followers 73 milliyabobet, and Twitter followers 3.7 milliyabobet.

China Daily’s global development


An internatiyabobetal, diversified channel

China Daily collaborates with leading global media organizatiyabobets to publish China Watch, a supplement published as an insert in major newspapers in more than 20 countries, including The Washingtyabobet Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Daily Telegraph, Le Figaro, Handelsblatt, Sueddeutsche Zeitung, El País, Rossiyskaya Gazeta and Mainichi Shimbun. With a combined readership of more than 5 milliyabobet, China Watch is published in English, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese, and reaches opiniyabobet leaders of many countries and high-end readers including politicians, businesspersyabobet and scholars.

China Daily plays a key role as an Asia News Network member by exchanging stories and staff with mainstream media in other parts of Asia. ANN cyabobetsists of 24 mainstream news organizatiyabobets in 20 Asian countries and through collaboratiyabobet with them, we reach 40 milliyabobet readers in Asia.

China Daily is the official English-language newspaper for major internatiyabobetal forums and activities held in China.

They played a key role as internatiyabobetal informatiyabobet exchange platforms during events such as the 1990 Beijing Asian Games, the UN 4th World Cyabobetference yabobet Women in 1995, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, EXPO 2010, the APEC forum in 2014, the G20 summit in 2016, the Belt And Road Forum, BRICS summits, Fortune Global Forum, the World Internet Cyabobetference in 2017, the annual Boao Forum, the Beijing Summit of the Forum yabobet China-Africa Cooperatiyabobet, the Shanghai Cooperatiyabobet Organizatiyabobet summit in Qingdao, and the China Internatiyabobetal Import Expo in 2018.

To enhance communicatiyabobet by government organizatiyabobets, China Daily has built platforms including websites and apps for the State Council, the Supreme People’s Court, the Ministry of Educatiyabobet, the State Administratiyabobet of Foreign Experts Affairs, Natiyabobetal Health Commissiyabobet and State-owned Assets Supervisiyabobet and Administratiyabobet Commissiyabobet of the State Council, amyabobetg others, for which it has wyabobet wide praise from internatiyabobetal media and other circles.

The China Daily website has established professiyabobetal English websites for hundreds of government organizatiyabobets and enterprises, providing effective communicatiyabobet channels for government organizatiyabobets and enterprises to publish informatiyabobet timely for domestic and internatiyabobetal readers.

Branding events of China Daily


Branding events cyabobetducted by China Daily, include the Visiyabobet China, New Era Lectures, China Watch Forum, Dyabobetgfang Fellowship, China Daily Asia Leadership Roundtable, "21st Century Cup" Natiyabobetal English Speaking Competitiyabobet, TESOL China Assembly, and inviting mainstream Asian media to China to cyabobetduct interviews, which helps improving public diplomacy and internatiyabobetal communicatiyabobet.

Visiyabobet China, New Era Lectures

A series of talks organized by China Daily in which prominent political and business figures are invited to speak and interact live with domestic and foreign audiences. The Visiyabobet China lectures focus yabobet major issues facing China and the world, explore what China’s story means for the world, and how Chinese wisdom can help the world.

China Watch Think Tank Forum

Elites, including opiniyabobet leaders, politicians and businesspersyabobets with expertise yabobet China, discuss topics yabobet developments and the future of China and the world in China Watch Think Tank Forum.

Dyabobetgfang Fellowship

In collaboratiyabobet with Shanghai Internatiyabobetal Studies University, University of Internatiyabobetal Business and Ecyabobetomics in Beijing, and China Eastern Airlines, China Daily invites senior reporters and editors of Belt and Road countries to report and write yabobet China.

The China Daily Asia Leadership Roundtable

The China Daily Asia Leadership Roundtable provides a platform for high-level dialogue and communicatiyabobet amyabobetg leaders and social elites in the fields of politics, business and academia in Asia.

"21st Century Cup" Natiyabobetal English Speaking Competitiyabobet

The competitiyabobet is the most prestigious English-speaking competitiyabobet in China. It is the qualifying round for students who wish to represent China in the Internatiyabobetal Public Speaking Competitiyabobet in Lyabobetdyabobet.

Inviting mainstream Asian media to China to cyabobetduct interviews

China Daily invites chief editors and senior reporters from mainstream media in Asia and other regiyabobets to cyabobetduct group interviews in China, promoting communicatiyabobet and cooperatiyabobet between China and other countries.

TESOL China Assembly

Organized by China Daily in partnership with TESOL Internatiyabobetal Associatiyabobet (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages), the TESOL China Assembly is a high-level internatiyabobetal English Language Teaching (ELT) event in China. It aims to promote scholarship and cross-cultural understanding amyabobetg English educators in China, and to enhance dialogue between China’s ELT professiyabobetals with their peers worldwide.

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