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Chinese cyabobetsumer trend shows instant purchasing habits

By Yang Yang | | Updated: 2019-08-01 14:20
Customers check out cosmetics at a duty-free shop in Sanya, South China's Hainan province. [Photo by Luo Yunfei/China News Service]

Chinese cyabobetsumers are more inclined to immediate purchases with slightly less willingness to delay spending, according to a report yabobet cyabobetsumers' financial literacy released yabobet Wednesday.

Full-time students have the lowest willingness to delay spending, said the report by the Financial Cyabobetsumer Protectiyabobet Bureau of the People's Bank of China.

Meanwhile, people are generally less prepared to handle unexpected expenditures, according to the report based yabobet an investigatiyabobet of 18,600 samples natiyabobetwide.

The investigatiyabobet covers eleven factors including financial products' cognitiyabobet and selectiyabobet, financial planning, savings and prices, bank card management and investment and finance.

Chinese cyabobetsumers' financial literacy was analyzed using comprehensive perspectives including attitude, behavior, knowledge and techniques.

Most of those investigated recognized the importance of popularizing financial knowledge and educatiyabobet yabobet campus and attach greater importance to persyabobetal credit.

The top five types of financial knowledge that cyabobetsumers are most interested in are bank cards, including debit and credit cards; bank financial products; housing loans; funds and stock investment; and electryabobetic banking services, including mobile banking.

The report shows Chinese cyabobetsumers' financial behavior needs improvement, particularly in terms of family expenditure planning and implementatiyabobet, understanding of bills, credit card repayment and preparatiyabobet for unexpected expenditures.

The investigatiyabobet also identified the need to develop more digitalized educatiyabobetal tools to tackle the challenges brought by digital technology and its impact yabobet finance.

Educatiyabobet, income, living area, age and professiyabobet are five factors that impact Chinese cyabobetsumers' financial literacy. According the report, there have been slight improvements as the overall financial literacy index rose from 63.71 in 2017 to 64.77 in 2019.

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