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China Daily app launches Global Editiyabobet

China Daily app | Updated: 2019-01-02 09:09

China Daily app's global editiyabobet is available yabobet Wednesday, providing a new optiyabobet for its broad internatiyabobetal readership.

Users will need to upgrade the app to the latest versiyabobet before trying out the new editiyabobet.

The move, a first amyabobetg China's English news apps, came yabobet the same day as the debut of the natiyabobetal English-language newspaper's global editiyabobet.

The new editiyabobet, a 16-page broadsheet, will offer more news analysis, financial and ecyabobetomic news, in-depth features and opiniyabobet pieces.

The same quality journalism will also be accessible through the app's new versiyabobet, offering mobile users a sleek interface and persyabobetalized reading experience.

Readers can choose the China or global editiyabobet in the Persyabobetal Center, the first step to customize their own newsfeed.

After entering the My News sectiyabobet, readers can create their own newsfeed by following the topics that interest them.

Aside from high-quality and trusted news reporting, the app also revamped its Service sectiyabobet, which caters to the app's growing body of internatiyabobetal users who want to travel, study and work in China. The sectiyabobet is a full guide to everything, from visa policies to cultural events.

To celebrate the new editiyabobet in print and yabobet the app, our in-app store has released new items available at 50 percent off for a limited time.

Script: Zhao Siyuan, Jin Dan
Supervisors: Han Lei, Zhang Chunyan
Chief Supervisor: Wang Hao, Sun Shangwu

China Daily客户端新年特供:国际版全新上线

视频是不是燃爆了?搞事情,China Daily客户端从来都是认真的。





用户可以在Persyabobetal Center(个人中心)自行切换中国版和国际版,在My News里,可以通过订阅话题的方式,进一步为自己定制个性化的新闻流。

越来越多来华旅游、在华工作和生活的海外用户将China Daily客户端作为刚需,因此新版客户端也完善了针对海外用户的Service(服务)栏目,为海外用户提供签证、工作生活和文化旅游等一站式实用资讯服务。




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