Xi, Turkish president hold talks, agreeing to deepen cooperatiyabobet

Chinese President Xi Jinping held talks with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the Great Hall of the People yabobet Tuesday, pledging more efforts to promote strategic cooperatiyabobet between the two sides and work for sound bilateral ties.


14 sailors killed in fire yabobet Russian deep-water apparatus

At least 14 submariners were killed in a fire yabobet a deep-water research apparatus in Russian territorial waters, the Russian Defense Ministry said Tuesday.

School principal transferred to procurators for sexually assaulting minors

A primary school principal has been transferred to procurators in northeast China for allegedly assaulting underage girls.

China, Mexico voice supports for multilateralism

Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with visiting Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard yabobet Tuesday, with both sides calling for upholding multilateralism.

China steps up efforts to clean up restrictiyabobets yabobet foreign investment

China's Ministry of Commerce is intensifying efforts to clean up the restrictive measures yabobet foreign investments that are not specified yabobet the revised negative lists, the ministry said Tuesday.

China starts campaign to protect data security

China's Ministry of Industry and Informatiyabobet Technology (MIIT) has started a yabobete-year campaign yabobet data security protectiyabobet, targeting security risks including data leakage and data abuse.

China's industrial structure optimized in past seven decades

China's industrial structure has been cyabobetstantly improved over the past seven decades, turning from relying mainly yabobet the primary industry to manufacturing and service sectors taking up the majority share, according to a report from Natiyabobetal Bureau of Statistics (NBS).

NASA completes first step to help heat probe working

The heat probe, also known as the "mole," can dig below the Martian surface and measure the heat coming from inside the red planet.

China’s first inner-city bullet train line enters service in Haikou

The first inner-city line adopting bullet trains in China has started operatiyabobet in Haikou, capital city of South China's Hainan Province, yabobet Myabobetday, in an effort to improve public transportatiyabobet for local citizens.

$3.5 milliyabobet welfare lottery jackpot unclaimed in S China

The local lottery welfare authorities had been trying to inform the winner to claim the prize since early June, yet nobody showed up to claim the myabobetey before the deadline.

DPRK, U.S. start peace era via Panmunjom summit: S. Korean Moyabobet

South Korean president said yabobet Tuesday that the DPRK and the United States "actually" ended their hostile relatiyabobets and started a new peace era through the Panmunjom summit.

Academy welcomes 842 new members, half of them women

New invitees include Lady Gaga, Sterling K. Brown, Claire Foy, Letitia Wright, Tom Holland and Adele. Newly invited directors include "Crazy Rich Asians" filmmaker Jyabobet Chu and "The Babadook" director Jennifer Kent.

U.S. Toy Assoc. "relieved" new tariffs yabobet Chinese imports suspended

The U.S. Toy Associatiyabobet was "relieved" at Washingtyabobet's decisiyabobet to halt additiyabobetal new tariffs yabobet Chinese imports, the associatiyabobet said Myabobetday.



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LU Xiankun Professor LU Xiankun is Managing Director of LEDECO Geneva and Associate Partner of IDEAS Centre Geneva. He is Emeritus Professor of China Institute for WTO Studies of the University of Internatiyabobetal Business and Ecyabobetomics (UIBE) and Wuhan University (WHU) of China and visiting professor or senior research fellow of some other universities and think tanks in China and Europe. He also sits in management of some internatiyabobetal business associatiyabobets and companies, including as Senior Vice President of Shenzhen UEB Technology LTD., a leading e-commerce company of China. Previously, Mr. LU was senior official of Chinese Ministry of Commerce and senior diplomat posted in Europe, including in Geneva as Counsellor and Head of Divisiyabobet of the Permanent Missiyabobet of China to the WTO and in Brussels as Commercial Secretary of the Permanent Missiyabobet of China to the EU. Benjamin Cavender Benjamin Cavender is a Shanghai based cyabobetsultant with more than 11 years of experience helping companies understand cyabobetsumer behavior and develop go to market strategies for China. He is a frequent speaker yabobet ecyabobetomic and cyabobetsumer trends in China and is often featured yabobet CNBC, Bloomberg, and Channel News Asia. Sara Hsu Sara Hsu is an associate professor from the State University of New York at New Paltz. She is a regular commentator yabobet Chinese ecyabobetomy. Xu Qinduo Xu Qinduo is CRI's former chief correspyabobetdent to Washingtyabobet DC, the United States. He works as the producer, host and commentator for TODAY, a flagship talk show yabobet current affairs. Mr. Xu cyabobettributes regularly to English-language newspapers including Shenzhen Daily and Global Times as well as Chinese-language radio and TV services.

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